Friday, October 30, 2009

Racing the Yardage

I'm a quarter of the way through the knitted-on border of my second Aestlight and I think I'm not going to have enough yarn. When will I learn? This is Aspen Sock by Red Rocks Fiber Works, a really wonderful superwash merino in the colorway Lemon Zest. I've bought a few Red Rocks products at my fave LYS, Knitting in La Jolla, and I've loved all of them; this particular yarn, though....I bought it on sale and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it so I only bought one skein, about 410 yards. When I cast on I knew it would be close but I plowed ahead.

So now I'm faced with this dilemma: I can forge ahead, knowing I'm going to be close, and then rip out. Or, I can just admit defeat, rip out now and finish it off without the points.

Or maybe I can figure out another knitted-on border that wouldn't take as much Maybe I'll explore that possibility. Maybe even a picot bind-off; that would be better than nothing.

Isn't this color amazing? It has depth and flecks and saturation and everything I love.


g-girl said...

WOW. the color is simply amazing! good luck finding a solution. what about using a contrasting colorway for the border? just an alternative solution.

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

I love the color. I am finding myself more and more drawn to these deep yellows.

Windansea said...

The color is amazing - I love this yarn. Wish I'd bought more!!! I'm working on a picot bind-off now.