Thursday, October 22, 2009

Head of the Charles

Andrew is wearing shorts. He grew up in Fresno, which I'm not sure really explains this.

One of the only things that's lacking here in La Jolla is the change of seasons as traditionally depicted by the cover of Martha Stewart Living. I mean, you know the old joke about SoCal seasons: summer, fire, mud and earthquake. And we do have some seasonal differences in LJ. If you consider May Gray/June Gloom as our own private winter, we have three: Too Cold for the Beach, Not Too Cold for the Beach, and Too Touristy for the Beach. Everything else is a Santa Ana or one of the 10 days it rains around here.

We are clearly not far enough SOUTH.

So imagine how happy I was to be a chaperone for the ZLAC girls on their trip to the Head of the Charles - real New England fall, right in the middle of the beautiful foliage season! Luckily San Diego is full of sportswear stores that are all too happy to fit you out for any kind of weather just in anticipation of an excursion such as this, so I purchased a bunch of North Face layers and fleecy things (and these really cool longies from Lucy) and set out.

My whole lunch is inside that vest and it still tasted like it came straight out of the fridge.

You see me there? I am only smiling because my face is so cold it froze in that position. This was not fall. This was every kind of winter weather all wrapped up into one three-day period. Rain. Frozen rain. Hail. Snow. That's right, snow. Do you know how hard that is for someone who lives in shorts and flip-flops? Good thing I knit, people.

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