Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Tried to Look at Yarn!

The view from my hotel window.

It turned out that I was in Portland for an afternoon/evening by myself so I decided to go out in search of a few yarn stores. A quick Google revealed that there were two yarn stores within walking distance of my hotel, so I bundled up and headed out.

The first one was really close, but there was nothing too interesting to see. It was kind of old school, but it had a decent enough selection of the usual suspects. I was hoping for something local or unavailable in my neck of the woods, but there really wasn't anything like that so I kept on walking.

I had high hopes for the next place, KnitWit Yarn Shop and Coffee Bar. I was totally willing to walk the mile necessary to look at yarn while drinking coffee. Imagine my sadness when I got there only to find they were closed.

I know, I should've called first, but I didn't. Color me stupid. Doesn't it look like someplace you'd like to visit? They have giant wall mittens!

Amber Grove (I was going to link to their website here but when I searched I just found a link to Amber Grove, human being!), the place next door, was closed too, and that was a bummer because I really wanted a better look at these lampshades that appear to be made of felt, or maybe really really thick and pulpy handmade paper. Either way, intriguing.

Anyway, I walked back to the hotel and consoled myself with room service clam chowder and NCIS, and I did make a lot of progress on a second Aestlight that I'm working on.

The next morning I got in the car and headed back to Boston, determined to see at least one decent yarn store. In Brookline I found A Good Yarn, which was a nice little place. They did have some yarn that I'm not used to seeing in person and they had a nice little selection of Koigu, but at that point I was all packed up for the airport and I left with only a few stitch markers and the holiday issue of Interweave Knits. I realize that I was in the general area only a week after the whole Rhinebeck opportunity...maybe next year!

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