Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Self-Portrait

I know, I know...another picture of my feet. I don't know what's up with that either, except that they're always a handy subject. (Get it? My feet are hand-y. I just crack myself up.) In any case, I'm leaving for Boston tomorrow night and I don't believe I have proper footwear for the weather, but if I could wear flip-flops, I'd be stylin'.

PS This is the only Halloween decor I'm currently rocking, inside the house, outside the house, or anywhere else on my person. I may have to go straight to Thanksgiving this year. Or maybe Valentine's Day. I'm sure nobody will notice if I skip everything in between.


g-girl said...

nice pedi! I have to tell you when you posted your blue toes over the summer, you were my inspiration for my own pedi for my wedding! lol. though i didn't go with the blue..just the flower idea! :)

Windansea said...

Okay, that made me laugh when I pictured you going down the aisle in blue toes - probably better just to go with the flowers. Although that WOULD be your "something blue" lol!!!! Those blue toes remain my fave pedi of all time, though!