Monday, November 13, 2006

About Those Coasters....

Usually my knitmania causes me to have small projects in progress, so I can check off a bunch of FOs while knitting on something larger. But right now I have two large projects going, including this:

I'll have pictures of the hat I made as a guage swatch for this sweater in a day or two, but in the meantime, suzanne asked about the crocheted coasters, and whether they were flat enough to hold a wine glass. I'm happy to report that they are. They are super-simple to make - believe me, if I can crochet these, anyone can.

Sorry I Bought Sari Coasters

What you need:
However much recycled sari silk you have on hand
A size H crochet hook, which is also what I happened to have, ymmv

Leaving a long tail, chain 6.
Join the chain into a ring by working a slip stitch into the first chain.
Chain 1, and then work 12 sc right into the ring. You can secure the long tail by crocheting over it as you go.
Place marker....I used a little bit of wool and just pulled it out and moved it up as I crocheted each round.

Round 2 - sc into each st.
Round 3 - 2 sc into each st. 24 sts now.
Round 4 - sc into each st.
Round 5 - *1sc in first st, 2sc in next st, repeat from *. 36 sts now

Now comes your moment of truth - is it the size you want your coaster to be? Because you could keep going if not. Or you could make a placemat. But again - I like little things, so mine just stopped at the coaster stage.

Once you get to the end, break the yarn, thread it onto a yarn needle, and fasten off/weave it in.

I had quite a bit of yarn so I ended up with 12+ coasters.


Terri H. said...

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or crochet some coasters and drink some wine; something like that. Great work and great blog!

Windansea said...

Thanks terri - what's funny is that I took that photo at about 10 am.....DH came out and looked at the wine, looked at me, and didn't even say a word!

LMB Knits said...

What a great idea! I'm going to go dig out my left over Mango Moon sari yarn.

Katie said...

Happy dance! I was about to sell or donate or throw away all the recycled sari silk yarn I bought. These are pretty and useful.

Anastasia said...

The title of your pattern made me laugh. :)

I bought a bunch of Sari Silk online because the colors were so pretty. Well, I've been disappointed! Pretty colors, but hard to work with. I might have to make myself some coasters.