Wednesday, November 15, 2006


That was the sound of me ripping six inches off the bottom of a sweater.

See, I've been reading a lot of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books lately. From them, I got the brilliant idea of turning swatches into hats (or hats into swatches) - because swatching kills me. All that wasted effort - no amount of good reasons will make me happy about swatching.

But a hat, I can get into. So I knit this hat you see above, using some directions in the back of the holiday edition of Interweave Knits. I wanted to accomplish two things - learn how to knit Fair Isle, and design a sweater using the EPS system.

The pluses:
I learned how to knit with both hands, carrying a color in each.
I made a hat in my daughters' school colors.

The minuses:
Everything else. Now that I'm done I hate the pattern. And why, why, why did I believe the directions when they said to knit the first four rounds plain? I knew it would roll!!

The worst part is this:

I started the aforementioned sweater from the bottom, with a hem for turning, and this color pattern above. I hated the pattern almost from the moment it was done, but I persevered. And today, with the rest of the sweater done, I still hated it.

So I now have three tidy little balls of yarn, and six or so inches of stockinette to make up on the bottom of the sweater. Sigh.


randi K design said...

Sorry you had so much trouble with your sweather. I have ripped up many times, but also made many, many "norwegian style"" with multiple colors. I think the worst part with many strands and colors of yarn is when you are finished knitting, and you have to sew all of those loose ends....
The hat looks great!!!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Linda said...

I like that hat. I should try some fairisle sometime so a hat would be a good start!

Windansea said...

Thanks randi - I'm blocking the sweater now so it's finally finished after ripping the bottom twice and the collar three times!! I will be able to post photos as soon as it's dry.

Windansea said...

Hi queen, thank you - at least my DD likes it too! you should definitely try fair isle - it's a lot of fun.

Hilary said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my hat. I love your Fair Isle hat! And your blue sweater! And your Fuzzy Feet ... great stuff.