Monday, November 06, 2006

Five Hour Baby Sweater

I wanted to learn top-down sweater construction, and what better way than with this? It's the Five Hour Baby Sweater, made with one skein of some Lana Gatto yarn I had. It's fast, it's cute, it's functional....I just ordered Barbara Walker's book on Knitting From the Top because of it, too. A google search will give you a bunch of links to this pattern and all its variations, but here's one:

Lorraine Major's Verion of the 5 HBS

I'll add this - the sweater was just okay until I added the buttons. The buttons made it! It's really the details that finish things off.


g-girl said...

you know, I've been eyeballing this pattern off and on and now I think maybe I'm ready to make it because yours came out SO well! love the yarn and the buttons!

Anonymous said...

I love your sweater. Your baby looks larger than a newborn. Did you do anything to modify the sweater to make it larger? I want to make this sweater so bad, but I like making baby sweaters larger than newborn size.

Windansea said...

Hi Erika, thanks!! My nephew is 8 1/2 months old in that picture, but all I did was use some bulkier yarn and bigger needles than usual for baby stuff. It's exactly the same pattern otherwise. Lydia