Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oscar Nominees!

A few years back John and I were invited to an Academy Awards-themed party at someone's house where we all got a ballot and got to choose our picks for for the Oscar winners, with a prize going to the couple who predicted the most. Now, I know some people have date nights and get out to the movies on a regular basis, but John and I have never gotten our acts together enough to organize actual dates, even when we were dating. We came in dead last because that year we'd managed to see exactly two movies on that entire list. One of them was Shrek 2, and the other one was some action movie that John had seen (Spiderman 2? Mission Impossible 3? I can't remember.) that was up for best lighting or something. Our huddled conversation: "Oh, well did they have good lighting in that movie?" "I can't remember the lighting. There were explosions."

So a few days ago I realized that I've actually seen a record-breaking number of movies this year (For me. Record-breaking for me.) . I have actually seen three - that's right, three! - of the best pic nominees! I've seen Avatar, Up in the Air, and Inglorious Basterds. I've also seen Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Julie and Julia. That's right, biatches, I've seen SIX Oscar nominees! I am that damn proud of myself.


g-girl said...

lol! i had forgotten about fantastic mr. fox! i'll have to watch that when it's on dvd. inglorious basterds i have on a flash drive but i've heard mixed reviews about it. comments?

Lydia said...

I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox! Inglourious basterds was disturbing but it's good...since I wrote this we watched the Hurt Locker, which was also disturbing but good, and UP, which was sooo good even though it made me cry (I always cry, so that's not surprising.) and I have a few more on the queue so I will finally know what's going on at the Oscars.