Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wait, Isn't This a Knitting Blog?

Lookit - knitting. Yarn on the needles, 10 minutes into an Aestlight shawl, using some Koigu that I have frogged from probably five projects already. It may be cursed from the start, and you'll notice I'm not showing you the metric assload of unfinished knitting strewn all over my house, but still.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia (weird writing that as it's my name also!):

To an aspiring knitter (as in I look at the patterns and have bought yarn, but have lent out my knitting needles to never be seen again) I am incredibly impressed by the beautiful projects you have posted!

I wanted to talk to you about the upcoming Kate Jacobs Friday Night Knitting Club book, KNIT THE SEASON but can't seem to find your contact email! If you'd be interested in a copy for review consideration and knitting inspiration, please email me at

Lydia Hirt