Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Little Time, So Little Knitting

I'm sorry to report that there's been no knitting at all so far this week; instead, making and taking pictures of things like these crazy moss balls has kept me occupied.

When I'm not hot-gluing moss I'm busily trying to get things in order so I can go out of town for a few days, which means I've been chained to my computer getting a graphics job mostly done and trying to keep up with things like, you know, laundry, so we'll have clean clothes on our trip.

Fiona and I will be driving north to Ellay and however much further we can go in 9 days to look at colleges. Yes, it's hard to believe that youthful moi could possibly have a child that old, but what can I say? I'll just tell people I had her at 10.

So far, Fiona has been so excited to go look at schools that she has barely managed to sleep until noon, and I think she's only playing WoW 6 hours a day! To be fair, she works pretty hard during at school, so I suppose I can be grateful she isn't spending spring break starring in a Girls Gone Wild video.

When will the knitting content return, you ask? Dear reader, soon, one can only hope.

PS Your weekly gratuitous photo of Snoop, in his cave (aka the cpu cubby in my desk!).


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the knitting and non-knitting content of your blog, and who could possibly not adore Snoop pictures.

However, when you are free, I do have a knitting question. Have you ever made a skullcap or would you know where to find a good pattern online?

Windansea said...

hi henrietta! By skullcap, do you mean like a yarmulke? Or do you mean a fitted beanie that comes down past the top of the ears? If it were me, I'd probably take some basic instructions for a knitted cap knit in the round from the top down, and bind off when it hit the part of the head I wanted. But also, if it's a yarmulke or kippah that you're looking for, I found one here:

And one here:

I hope that helps! And if I'm thinking of the wrong thing, let me know! Lydia