Saturday, January 14, 2006

From the Toe Up or the Cuff Down?

I decided to try cuff-down socks for a change...this is my first pair, in mini size for a baby. I think the proportion is a little strange because I decided to make the foot fairly short, but it'll do. I bound the toe with a kitchener stitch on four stitches; next time I'll probably let the toe be a little wider before I graft. As it is the toes are a little pointy, giving them an Ali Baba feel. I'm definitely going to try this technique on a larger pair, though. It was kind of cool doing the double knitting on the heel flap, so that was something new too.

One thing - since I'm using odds and ends of yarn it's starting to look like everything I make is the same color. Guess I'll have to branch out into more blues and greens pretty soon.

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