Saturday, July 18, 2009

Downward Dog

About a month ago my niece Julia convinced me into accompanying her to a Bikram yoga class by telling me how amazing it is and that all I had to do was stick it out and not leave the room. Imagine my surprise upon finding out I had paid good money to endure a near-death experience.

I stayed in the room by remaining on my back without moving for the last half hour, listening to my heartbeat getting louder and steadily moving up my throat, repeating the mantra, "I hate Julia."

Despite the fact that every woman in that room - or at least the ones that didn't look like they would be making a feeble attempt to dial 911 at the end of class - was an amazing specimen of vitality, good looks, and flexibility, Bikram is not for me. The next day I went and took a Hatha class and I'm hooked. I'm now going into my 4th week of daily yoga - Hatha, some light Vinyasa flow, ropes, etc. - and I love every minute of it. I'm so much more flexible, I'm sleeping better, and my tendonitis has abated...I don't think I can stop. Plus you basically wear jammies, and you know how I love that.

PS I've also started taking salsa classes because I'm doing this. It's all in fun and it's a good can sponsor me if you want or if you're local, come on down. Shout "How's the knitting?" from the audience so I know you're a blog friend. Salsa is a blast - I'm not entirely sure I'll be smooth or even passable, because all my dancing heretofore has consisted of me busting my own personal kind of moves - but hey - these are life's great learning experiences, right?

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g-girl said...

glad you found your way yoga-wise. :)how's the salsa coming along?