Thursday, March 05, 2009

Unblocked, But No Longer Unfinished

I swear it took me two weeks to knit three little rows of ribbing on the final sleeve of this thing. I finally bound off last night, wove in the ends, sewed down the placket, and called it done. I'm not sure I love it anymore.

We'll see after it takes a bath and relaxes. Maybe the magic of blocking will kindle our romance.


g-girl said...

hope you still love it. it's beautiful!

xardas said...

I'm probably going to get in trouble for this...

I am surprised this is done already, good job on the cables. Usually I notice the FO in real life before I see it on the blog. This one surprised me because the thing on your needles now is the same color (to my uneducated eyes)

Did you decide who gets it?

Windansea said...

Thanks g-girl, I do like it!

xardas, dude, you're color blind! That's a totally different shade of purply blue, lol!