Sunday, November 23, 2008

Care Package Knits

Just a quick post today - I mailed a care package off to Fiona this last week containing the multicolored scarf I finished last week, a brown cabbage rose scarf based on this design (and modified to be a little asymmetrical in the points) and a Noro striped scarf based on this. I think she's keeping the sideways striped one so the other one's for her Thanksgiving host, and the cabbage rose scarf is for her roommate.

I had to have cataract surgery this week (!!! Get your eyes checked! I'm not that old!) so I've been taking it easy and getting used to my new bionic eye. I'm still adapting to reading and looking at my computer screen and focusing properly, but knitting and TV are definitely doable so I'm entertained. And I can drive, so hurray for that. I'm more than halfway through a pair of mittens I started yesterday, so stay tuned for more knitting before our thoughts turn to Turkey Day cooking!


g-girl said...

ack-cataract surgery?? :o glad to hear you're recuperating and adjusting. the cabbage rose scarf is cute-great color combo. so glad fiona is keeping the sideways scarf-I would've too! ;) the noro striped scarf is lovely!

Jane said...

Not that old? You aren't old at all yet. That's still 20 years away! Glad you are feeling better. That must have freaked you out! And again, you take such lovely picture of such beautiful creations.