Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another Noni Moment

Does it seem like the knitting has totally gone by the wayside? Every day has been wrapped up with a work project or a graduation moment. I'm knitting a little bit, but mostly I'm so frazzled that my calm-down activity has mainly consisted of playing hangman on my iphone.

When I do knit, I'm working on a new hat pattern that I'm not sure I love, and occasionally picking up a row or two of my rainbow-sleeve sweater. As soon as we get through the next week I think I'll be able to devote more time to that.

Last night was La Jolla Palooza, the last big show of the year at the girls' school. Fiona was in a dance number and then sang with the Madrigals. Above, you see the two of us crying like idiots at the end...I think I actually cried through the last 20 minutes of the show. She sang a solo, Blackbird, but what really got me was her teacher singing You've Got a Friend to the entire choir. That song is a guaranteed cryfest for me.

Today is Fiona's Senior Presents event, the culmination of six years of National Charity League service. She'll be walking down a big runway in a white dress on John's arm and dancing with him; I'm already getting a little weepy just thinking about it. And see how red I get when I cry? I'm going to need a lot of concealer.


Bea said...

You guys are so cute together! I love that your daughter looks so much like you. I look nothing like my mome :(

Windansea said...

You know, her coloring is not at all like mine, but she started looking more like me as she grew up! Thank goodness, people used to think I had to be their nanny. I look nothing like my mom either!