Monday, February 18, 2008


Remember my shipping-to-Norway dilemma? Well now I can add guilt to my worries, because what I have packed to ship to my swappee doesn't even come close to what I got from my swapper! In addition to a pattern and two sets of needles, I got all the stuff you see here. I got tea, tasty tidbits (there's more down in the little bag you can't see in the photo), and stitch markers.

Of course, the yummy Malabrigo in the Red Mahogany colorway - so fabulous.

But also, beautiful mitered-square coasters with the cutest fringe:

And these incredible slippers, made from my swapper's grandmother's favorite slipper pattern!

Yep, guilt and gratitude, that's what I've got. Love my swap!


k_purls2 said...

Is that a knitting brooch in the background? Very cute. The coasters are WOW! Love the yarn color too.

Bea said... package. I'm sure your sending good stuff too! Love that Malabrigo color.

Windansea said...

The whole package is wonderful, isn't it? I sent mine off finally!!!