Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Blob, Part 1

Despite the fact that I haven't been posting, I have been busily knitting away. The Anais sweater is almost done; I'm just doing the final decreases on the back section before binding off the shoulders and starting the cobweb inserts. But since I'm now out of the mindless stockinette portion and I don't relish tinking so much, I have been leaving Anais home most days and two-timing (okay, it's more like five-timing, but that's a knitter for you - rarely faithful, I find) with the blob you see above. I thought the blob would be fairly portable, but it turns out you do have to pay some attention to those crazy decreases and increases, because without them you wouldn't be able to perform this feat of origami:

Voila - a Baby Surprise Jacket! Folding is key. I just have to seam the top of the shoulders now, and then I'll add an i-cord border and buttons to finish it off.

It's a pretty nifty feat of knitting engineering...and the colors remind me of the beach.


brandilion said...

I love the color. It reminds me of the beach on a windy day.

Windansea said...

I know...I may have to find shell buttons, or ones that look like driftwood. Lydia