Saturday, November 03, 2007

32 Stitches

32 start a cuff? K4P4 ribbing perhaps? Nope! The other kind - the kind you get in the ER when your hobby involves lots of RPMs and sharp propellers. John sliced his hand open but good last night working on one of his planes when his sleeve caught the throttle by accident, and 32 stitches later he's bandaged up and pretty darn sad.

In fact, he was in such bad shape today, mostly from the hangover he got from the pain meds, that he missed the homecoming preparations completely. There's Anna up there with her date...her first date to a formal! You get to see her without a handknitted hat on!

And here's Fiona with hers. I missed Fiona & her date completely because Anna's date's mom and I went and had dinner while the young couple ate at a different restaurant, so Mary took pictures for me. Not bad for a nine-year-old. Maybe I'll let her write for the blog pretty soon.

I have to say, both these boys are so nice and polite. I'm off to sit down on the couch and start the night of waiting up. I hope they're having fun.


g-girl said...

i hope john's okay. awww, anna's first date to a formal? sweet. :)

Windansea said...

i babies are growing up!! sniff.