Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tiny Sweaters

Because I have a need for quick results. These are tiny sweaters for the Christmas tree from Weekend Knits, a book I love. I've made several pairs of the fingerless mitts from this book as well, and everyone loves them. For the sweaters, I've used little bits of leftover yarn; for the mitts I like using chunky Baby Alpaca - so soft!! I'm in the middle of making my husband a pair so he can wear them and still use his keyboard, but I'm about to start from scratch on them since I waaaay overestimated how big to make the first one! Part of the need for quick results = reluctance to gauge.


yarn_nut said...


I saw your blog in Knitters Review because your log on name sounds so familiar and I think it's because we've emailed before. I am from San Diego and just moved to Michigan to go to school. Cool blog and cute tiny sweaters by the way.


Knit and Purl Grrl said...

These are adorable!
LainE (Knit and Purl Grrl from KR)

Windansea said...

Hi Gail, I think we did meet on KR - Thanks, and try not to freeze!

Windansea said...

Thanks knit and purl grrl! They are very fast to whip up. One of my friends asked if I left them in the dryer too long!!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute sweaters! I'm always looking for quick knits.