Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Knitting for Me

Today, sadly, was a non-knitting day, so I'm just making myself happy by looking at these tiny socks (I tied them together so you can see an extraneous thread.). There just wasn't time, we had to trim the trees, we had errands to run, etc. And tomorrow's not looking too good for knitting either, and I'm 90% done with my latest bootie creation. Don't you hate it when you're almost done with a project and stuff keeps getting in the way?

Yesterday's knitting went pretty well. We had a LOT of scarves already done, even though we can keep going through January. It did look like a yarn monster threw up a bunch of Lion Homespun though... I showed some of the women how to make the easy booties, so we'll hopefully have a bunch to give away next month.

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