Friday, January 09, 2009

Twilight Mittens

Happy New Year! I'm just checking in quickly with a pair of mittens inspired by the movie Twilight. Fiona's a big fan of the books and I think she's seen the it three times now? I'm not sure, but I got dragged out of my cozy house one evening for one of the viewings, which is a testament to her persistence.

Did you see the mittens in the preview above? I will say, if you're a knitter, Twilight is worth seeing for the mittens and scarves, and of course if you liked the books you'll have to see the movie, right?

I read the books while I was down with the flu over the holidays - they have a strangely compelling hold once you start them. The writing isn't that great and I wanted to smack Bella through 90% of the 1600 pages I waded through, but there you go - I read them just the same. Those books are literary crack.

There are a couple of patterns for Bella's mittens out there; you can find the pattern I used for these here. The yarn is Cascade Eco-Wool - very soft.


Nettie said...

You succinctly summed up exactly how I feel about Twilight.

I love the mittens in that color.

Anonymous said...

Twilight really is 80% crap. And yet I got sucked into reading them too. I compare it to eating raw cookie dough. You know you shouldn't like it, you don't really want anyone to see you eating/reading it, eat/read too much and your feel sick, and you feel kind of disgusted with yourself for liking it later. I haven't seen the movie yet.

Trude sin hobbyverden said...

I loved the mittens, really nice coulor.

Anonymous said...


WE ARE THE MAKERS OF HER MITTENS!!! For winter 2007 we supplied this long cabled mitten to Aubergine of Portland which is where the Twilight costume designer Wendy Chuck found them.

We have only just realised how many new fans there are and especially for YOU we have re-issued these mittens which are available to order at Each pair is knitted by hand in the UK using supersoft Scottish lambs wool by our knit company RUTH CROSS.

We are extremely flattered at the lengths you have all gone to to find (and in some cases make) these so we have included a detailed picture on the site so you can get a good view of the original pair designed and made by us.

Best wishes Ruth and the team!

Unknown said...

Dear Ruth Cross, while your items are lovely, it is quite rude to sabatoge someones blog with your self-promotion. Have some class and realize that most people cannot afford your $450 sweaters and $85 mittens :( Ugh.