Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In Times of Crisis

With the destruction wrought by the fires, the urge to create overwhelms.

Scones. Brownies. Large pots of tortilla soup, beef stew, spaghetti sauce.

Two hats.

It's hot and our eyes burn. We're glued to the news and the computer, looking at maps of the burn areas and the evacuations. My in-laws were evacuated and are waiting it out at Steele Canyon High School; at first they wanted to stay there because the news was fresher and they wanted to stay near their place in Deerhorn Valley, but now the roads are closed. They'll be okay, but we won't know for sure about their place for a while.

The good news is some of our friends have been allowed back to their neighborhoods; the bad news is how many we don't know about - and whether they still have homes.

The kids are playing games and cousin Elizabeth is here - a forced vacation from school for the rest of the week. John is staying home and working remotely. His sister is here with us, down from Seattle to help with the evacuation of one of the nursing homes she works with.

Isn't it sad we have to wait for a disaster to take a break? I for one am off to start another hat.


g-girl said...

you're alive! i've missed you. glad to hear you're safe..sending good thoughts your way regarding your friends and loved ones who may have been displaced because of the fires.

Anonymous said...

Hang tough, and keep the love going. In the mid-nineties, I woke one morning to ash on my porch, blown down from the San Gabriel mountains. My boss, who had a vulnerable house in the hills, was in South Korea. My boyfriend and I dashed up there, hosed down her house, and rescued her neurotic cats. In the end, her house was fine, but some clearly not. I can totally understand your urge to create at this time.

Windansea said...

hi g-girl!! Yes, I'm alive...just too busy. thanks for your kind wishes! I've missed being here.

Windansea said...

thanks suzanne. today i'm on overload from the fire news and can't even watch anymore, but i'm so thankful there haven't been too many people actually hurt - just houses.

Anonymous said...

So nice to have you back!

I love that new green hat. Will you be posting the pattern?

I hope things continue OK for you. I've been sending love and good wishes to all the southern Californians in my circle. Please know that I, and many others, are thinking of you.

Windansea said...

hi sarah-hope! Yes, I'm back - thanks! The hat is the one from this fall's Knitty, so I can't take credit! But I am working on a couple of simple tams right now, and I keep meaning to make a Santa Cruz. Lydia