Monday, January 22, 2007

No Knitting!

What a week - I had another bout of carpal tunnel/tennis elbow/whatever, so I've really been taking it easy on the arm. I'm beginning to think my mouse is the culprit, so I'm going to look into getting a trackball or something.

So no real knitting, between that, sick kiddos, life in general, and a trip to LA (that's Ellay, not Louisiana) which was really cool but ruined me for shopping because we went to the Gift Mart, where I saw:

a) really cool stuff to buy that never seems to make it down to the provincial backwater that is San Diego, dammit, and
b) the actual wholesale cost of things that do come to local stores so I will feel eternally ripped off by retail.

Anyway, my arm's better and I'm knitting away on various things, but I have no new knitting'll just have to look at the tidepools instead. Photo taken Jan. 14, 2007 - we may have bad shopping, but you've gotta love the scenery.


Unknown said...

In any event that a pictorial knitting project is not available, a tidepool pictorial is always welcome. That picture made me yearn for summer, a season that is not my favorite, but it looks so beautiful.

g-girl said...

no knitting? :( I know all about how that feels! I hope it isn't for too long. what a pretty tidepool too!

Stephanie said...

I hope your mouse is the cause of your carpal tunnel...not knitting!

Just kidding...I truely hope you don't have it at all.

Beautiful photo...I'm jealous of your warm weather!!

Windansea said...

Thank you - isn't the coastline just incredible here? I never get tired of cresting the hill into La Jolla and looking out on the ocean. Lydia

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your arm - hope it'll be better soon and won't give you any problems anymore! And what an amazing pic - I'd *so* love to be there right now!